We make farming profitable

We are a farmer-first network on a digital-friendly platform providing access to professional agricultural services and solutions

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About Us

A team with a passion for agriculture

We were all from different parts of India, humm no! I should say, from different parts of the world. Our passion for agriculture and willingness to do something significate and impactful for farmers brought us together. We are a pack of enthusiastic individuals with rich working experience. We are seven and counting!

We have been speaking to farmers, and all we hear and understand is that farming is full of uncertainties and new changes. The daily drill that Indian farmers go through is our fuel. And every story that we hear makes us more committed. 


What we Offer to farmers

Professional Services

That help to practice methodical farming and optimize the cost of cultivation and make the farming land profitable

A Digital Platform

Platform that helps farmers to do peer to peer networking, stay connected with agricultural landscape and take informed decisions.

What Farmers say

“……farmerslack awareness and they always rely on the open market and sell at the price they give without any other information….”

“……there are multiple apps today only servicing to specific needs and we are not aware of anything that caters to all our needs….”

“……availability of critical inputs like quality seeds and F&M (fertiliser and manure) at the right time is a big problem…”

Our Portfolio

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